"Wellness is becoming fully alive and expressed in and for the world"

(Ewa Stelmasiak, 2013)

Ewa Stelmasiak

Ewa Stelmasiak MA, MSc, CWHC, CWWPM is the first certified wellness coach in Poland. As a trainer, wellness program manager, researcher, writer and speaker, she promotes wellness in the medical field. Her vision is that every patient has access to wellness coaching, which is an integral part of the healing model.

As the founder and owner of The Wellness Institute, and coach for the Wellness Clinic of the Medicover Hospital, she serves patients with her mindful presence and change frameworks which lead them to a happier and healthier life, even if it is a life with disease.

Ewa Stelmasiak conducts research in the areas of wellness, wellness coaching and doctor-patient communication, and publishes in scientific journals. In her Radio Wellness she interviews experts of wellness and holistic health. She believes in the healing power of deep connection.

The results of her research, as well as her evolutionary vision for medicine have been the topics of several conference presentations all over the world (Syracuse University, NYC (2014), National Wellness Conference, Minneapolis, USA (2015), World Congress on Controversies in Neurology, Budapest, Hungary (2015) and Athens, Greece (2017), others).

Ewa Stelmasiak holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warsaw, Poland and an MSc in Communications Management from Syracuse University, USA.

“Ewa Stelmasiak is an ideal ally for anyone on the journey to be healthier and well. She combines the kind of personal coaching presence that builds trust and facilitates discovery with the skills that insure success at lifestyle improvement. We are proud of her as a graduate of our Wellness and Health Coach Certification Training and very supportive of her work bringing wellness and health coaching to the people of Poland.”

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, CWP

Founder and CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc.

„I invited Ewa Stelmasiak to speak about her evolutionary vision for medicine at the annual World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) in 2015. Ewa showed up as a highly skilled presenter who knew how to get through to the audience with her heartful message. As a visionary writer Ewa deeply believes in the healing power of Wellness Coaching which she sees as a vital part of the medical model, where treatment is being complemented by healing "from within" and the body's self-healing capacities are being mobilized by profound relaxation. I congratulate Ewa for her work as a speaker and writer, and wish her all my best on her journey of changing the face of medicine not only in Poland, but all over the world.”

Professor Emeritus Amos D Korczyn

Department of Neurology

Tel Aviv University

For speaking, writing, consulting and other professional engagements you may contact Ewa at contact@ewastelmasiak.com