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I am a personal and organizational wellbeing expert, founder and owner of The Wellness Institute of Poland, established in 2012 when wellness was almost inexistent in my country. I have over ten years of experience in HR and communications and ten years of experience which includes wellbeing management, coaching and training. I have been trained and certified by wellness leaders from the United States where wellness was born. As a thought leader I have contributed my ideas to growing the wellness field by writing and speaking to academic, medical, business and HR audiences both in Poland and internationally.


  1. I grew up in Africa, studied in America and am a citizen of Europe. I consequently have a cross-cultural background and a high linguistic literacy which allow me to address universal human needs on a global scale. I have worked in international environments for most of my life.
  2. My family is that of re-known medical doctors and I grew up with patient stories as part of dinner table conversations. My grand-father was president of the Medical University of Lublin, professor and author of atlases of anatomy. My father is a professor of neurology and contributor to advances in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. My mother has brought modern allergology to the Lublin region of Poland.
  3. Of course I felt a calling to pursue family tradition by becoming a medical doctor, but refused to do so in order to promote a whole-person approach to health as a wellness coach and wellbeing trainer. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with both patients and business people.
  4. I am a wellness pioneer in Poland. In 2012 I created the first institute dedicated to wellbeing in Poland called The Wellness Institute. Since then I have been both educating the market and actively honing my own wellbeing skills for excellence. I am also the first Polish certified wellness coach and first certified wellness program manager.
  5. I love speaking and have had the privilege of being an invited speaker to both international and world events. I have delivered talks at medical, wellness and business conferences (in New York City, Minneapolis, Athens, Budapest and London) including Business Insider Global Trends Festival (keynote speech), International Happiness at Work Summit, World Congress on Controversies in Neurology and National Wellness Conference in the United States.
  6. There is power in understanding how culture influences our efforts to achieve healthier lives. I have therefore recently contributed my knowledge and skills to the development of the HealthyCultureNow project. For this regard I co-worked with Judd Allen, PhD, president of the Human Resources Institute and Richard Safeer, MD who serves as Chief Medical Director, Employee Health and Well-being at Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  7. I love sharing my expertise. So far I have had a strong presence in business, HR and lifestyle media e.g. Business Insider, Forbes, Newsweek, Ican Management Review, My Company, Personnel Plus, HR Standard, Fashion Magazine, Shape Magazine, the Polish national radio.
  8. I am passionate about life and lifelong learning. Part of the deal is knowing how to unlearn what is not working and embracing change. The VUCA world is an interesting time to be alive.


Ewa Stelmasiak is an outstanding thought leader and wellness pioneer in Poland. She is passionate about wellness and has taken on leadership roles in promoting wellness ideas internationally including world-level medical and business conferences. She created the equation showing wellness = wellbeing + welldoing as well as a new definition of wellness, “becoming fully alive and expressed in and for the world”. Ewa specializes in personal and organizational wellbeing, as well as creating cultures where it is easy to be well. I admire Ewa as a wellness professional for her impact, diligence and bringing fresh ideas to the wellness field.

John W. Travis, MD, MPH
Founding father of the wellness movement

I deeply value Ewa’s contributions to our psychiatric community. Both her lecture and workshop were very well received. We like to think of Ewa as one of the top minds in wellness in Poland. Ewa skillfully combines her own professional experience in lifestyle and behavioral change with relevant reviews of scientific literature which makes her message both heartful and powerful. Ewa has a solid track record in international public speaking including lectures at prestigious world-level medical congresses. She also authored many publications in medicine and business. Her view on health and wellness is multifaceted and interdisciplinary.

Professor Hanna Karakuła-Juchnowicz, MD, PhD
Chair of the Teaching Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Early Intervention Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Medical University of Lublin

Ewa Stelmasiak is a hard working individual with a strong determination to reach for the stars and make the world a better place. Her thinking is human-centric and deep. At the same time her bio proves that she’s a continuous learner who swiftly moves among countries, cultures, paradigms and milieus. I think Ewa’s big asset is an intellectual agility which makes her move constantly forward.

Dr. Brenda J. Wrigley, APR Professor
Departament of Communication
Curry College

Ewa Stelmasiak is an ideal ally for anyone on the journey to be healthier and well. She combines the kind of personal coaching presence that builds trust and facilitates discovery with the skills that insure success at lifestyle improvement. Her dedication to the fields of wellness and lifestyle medicine spans many years and make her an excellent resource.

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, NBC-HWC
Founder and CEO Real Balance Global Wellness Services

I highly recommend Ewa Stelmasiak for her work as an organizational wellbeing expert and certified wellness coach. During our collaboration Ms. Stelmasiak has made proof of extensive knowledge, professionalism and experience in wellness and wellbeing in both individual and organizational settings. Another important strength is her multi-cultural awareness. Ms. Stelmasiak speaks several languages. Her excellent communication skills have made it possible to form collaborative relationships with many wellness movement pioneers and leaders.

Judd Allen, PhD
Healthy culture expert
Editorial Board of the American Journal of Health Promotion

I invited Ewa Stelmasiak to speak about her evolutionary vision for medicine at the annual World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) in 2014. Ewa showed up as a highly skilled presenter who knew how to get through to the audience with her heartful message. I congratulate Ewa for her work as a speaker and writer, and wish her all my best on her journey of changing the face of medicine not only in Poland, but all over the world.

Professor Emeritus Amos D. Korczyn
Department of Neurology
Tel Aviv University

Ewa Stelmasiak is a valued member of the training faculty, as well as the scientific committee of events organized by the Medical University of Lublin. I see Ewa as a lifelong learner and value her innovative thinking, as well as her scientific conscientiousness. Ewa has an extensive background in health promotion in various settings including wellbeing for helping professions such as MDs or nurses, supporting patients in lifestyle change and delivering workplace wellness management programs. Moreover she has worked internationally on developing a program aimed at fostering cultures of health and wellbeing.

Professor Teresa Bernadetta Kulik, MD, PhD
Chair of the Faculty of Public Health Department of Health Sciences Medical University of Lublin

Want a healthy, mindful workforce? Ewa's the go-to person for consultations that can make your employees healthier and happier. We worked with Ewa on a four-city HR roadshow around Poland, and Ewa's input added significantly to the content that we delivered to over 320 participants, as well as to the research carried out after the event. Ewa is very much 'on trend' in HR terms - these will become increasingly important issues for employers in years to come. Highly recommended!

Michael Dembinski
Chief Advisor British Polish Chamber of Commerce

Ewa Stelmasiak was responsible for creating a wellbeing strategy for Veolia CUW. She conducted a training for the management board, a wellbeing program for employees and workshops for leaders who manage teams. What I value most is experience, knowledge and a unique approach to creating a culture of health and wellbeing. Highly recommended!

Adam Latocha
HR Director
Member of the management board of Veolia CUW

We collaborated with Ewa Stelmasiak to deliver a series of activities aimed at fostering mental health and balance in a remote work setting for Warta’s employees. We are very happy with the outcome. The knowledge delivery was pleasurable, professional and accessible. According to our audience Ewa Stelmasiak was our best speaker. We will seek to collaborate with Ewa Stelmasiak in the future.

Katarzyna Seta
Training coordinator
Warta S.A.

When I think about wellbeing and building a healthy culture in the organizations, immediately Ewa comes to my mind. I had the pleasure to invite Ewa to conduct few workshops for the international community of innovators and take part in the panel discussions. All of them were very inspirational and full of content - we received extremely positive feedback from the participants. Ewa is always very professional, well prepared, up to date with the newest trends, and passionate about the topic. She has extensive knowledge of all the aspects related to wellbeing, and what's more important, she has the gift of sharing it in really interesting ways! It is a pleasure to work with Ewa - her passion is contagious and her calmness helps to focus and stay grounded in the present moment!

Ewa Geresz
Director, Programs and Global Partnerships
Venture Café Warsaw Foundation

Ewa Stelmasiak has supported me and my team in creating a wellbeing strategy aimed at enhancing employee engagement and supported our efforts in creating a culture of appreciation at Citi Solutions. She led an online event aimed for our employees. I deeply appreciate Ewa Stelmasiak’s extensive knowledge and full professionalism, her flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs. I am highly satisfied with our collaboration and its results. Highly recommended!

Agnieszka Sitek


The Oral History of Wellness is a collection of interviews with pioneers in wellness, beginning in the 70's. The interviews are led by the founding father of the wellness movement John W. Travis. I am honored to have been interviewed for the series as an international thought leader contributing to the making of the wellness history.



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Master of Applied Linguistics (languages : French and English).
University of Warsaw, Poland, 2001


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